Addressing Rotarians from around the world, Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said:

 “People often ask me how I know the world is getting better. I usually point to numbers like this one: Because of efforts to eradicate polio by groups like Rotary International, more than 16 million people are walking today who would otherwise have been paralyzed.  That’s more than 16 million people who can walk to school. More than 16 million people who are better able to start a business or carry their child to bed. More than 16 million people who are living better lives, because a group of health care workers, volunteers, government leaders, and funders devoted themselves to fighting polio. Polio eradication is a testament to the compassion, generosity, and kindness of more than a million Rotarians around the world. You are the people who are making it possible to get to zero. And that will be something worth celebrating. Thank you.”

Discorso di Bill Gates



“Il Rotary è uno stile di vita. Uno stile di vita buono, naturale, completo e pieno di amicizia. Il mondo è pieno di potenziali rotariani, ce ne sono molti che mi stanno ascoltando. Amico mio, se tu hai nel cuore amore per il prossimo, tu sei un potenziale rotariano”

Paul Harris — Convention di Boston 1933