Rotary Club rome International supports girls education in Ethiopia to receive quality education, improve lives and transform their future in partnership with Links Community Development.

Supporting girls education in Ethiopia and changing lives through the STAGES programme (Supporting the Transition of Adolescent Girls through Enhancing Systems) will help some of Ethiopia’s poorest and most vulnerable girls receive a quality education, improving their lives and transforming their future. RCRI has partnered with Links Community Development to support its education programs in Ethiopia. It projects have improved education for 216,000 children across 200 schools, and involved 43,000 community members in school improvement.  Links  achieve exceptional value for money, spending 98p of every £1  raised on their work in Africa.  Links work directly influences progress towards Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 5. These projects will catalyse transformational outcomes for nearly 48,000 young girls, who will gain foundational

literacy, numeracy, financial literacy and lifeskills, with aspirations to transition to further education, vocational

training or engage in the local economy through safe employment.

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“Il Rotary è uno stile di vita. Uno stile di vita buono, naturale, completo e pieno di amicizia. Il mondo è pieno di potenziali rotariani, ce ne sono molti che mi stanno ascoltando. Amico mio, se tu hai nel cuore amore per il prossimo, tu sei un potenziale rotariano”

Paul Harris — Convention di Boston 1933